Different sensory modality
Sensory receptor types
Major functions of skin
Somatic sensation
Somatic pathways
Methods of study
Psychometric functions and sensory thresholds
Stimulus response and perception
Stimulus enegery transduction N transformation to action potential
Characteristics of Sensory Receptors
Coding of Sensory Information
Receptor density
Somatic sensory Receptors
Cutaneous Receptors
Number of skin temperature receptors
Sensory Adatation and Receptors adaptation to a stimulus
Sensory Adaptations of receptors: slow & rapidly
Sensory Adaptation, Pacinian Corpuscle
Encapsulated Cutaneous Sensory Receptors
Differnt receptors also have different receptive fields
Receptive Fields
RF recording
Perceptual specializations of Receptor
Mechanoreceptor Transduction
Peripheral sensory neurons DRG
Primary Afferent Fibers
Afferent fiber groups in peripheral nerves
Compound action potential
Sensory Coding
Lateral inhibition
Input to the CNS
Cutaneous field of peripheral nerve
Two-point discrimination - receptor density
Two-Point Discrimination
Spinal Cord Cross Sections
Spinal Cord Organization
Projection fibers from Lower limb, upper limb
Ascending Somatosensory Pathways
Ascending somatosensory pathway 02
DCML pathway function
Clinical signs of medial lemniscal pathway damage
Somatosensory Area of the Cerebral Cortex
Mechanosensory Pathway from Trunk and Limb
Projection from Face & Head, Diagram
VPN thalamus
Characteristics of VPN & SI neurons
Multiunit recording with 16 electrodes
Electrode for Mutisite depth recording
Barrel cortex activity
Rat Barrel Somatotopic Organization
Distortions of somatosensory cortical representation in different animals
Multiple homunculi
Somatosensory cortex - broadmann area N lesion deficits
Lesions of Somatosensory Cortex
Somatosensory plasticity
Attentional modulation of somatosensory cortex activity fMRI study
Somatosensory Association Cortex
Disorders of somatosensory system 01
Disorders of somatosensory system 02
Increased Cortical Representation of the Fingers of the Left Hand in String Players
The Neuroprobe
Tactile hallucinations