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Mystic Brain, Damaged Brain

[Neuron] 1 2
[Action Potential] 1
[Axonal Membrane Physiology] 1
[Nerve & Glial Cells]
[Neural Synapses]
[Neurotransmitter] 1
[Brain Injury]
[Neural prosthesis]

Cells and Brain


Lipid bilayer 1
Semipermiable membrane
Concentration gradient
Resting Membrane Potential
Resting Membrane Potential Recording
Distribution of ion channels in neuron
Resting Membrane State - K+ equilibrium 1
Sodium equilibrium
Nernst equation 1
Goldman Equation 1
Membrane Potential - Your tube
Resting Membrane Potential Recording & Ions
Resting Membrane Potential - video
Na-K pump 1
Na-K pump - animated
Na-K pump - video

Single ion channel Patch clamp experiment 1
Patch clamp recording - robotic

Action Potential (AP) 1
AP generation at receptor
Generator potential at peripheral receptor 1
Ion channel types
Action Potential - depolarization & repolarization 1
Action Potential 2
AP = Pna+Pk
Action Potential 4
States of Na+ and K+ channels
Voltage clamp - Na & K conductanes
Absolute and relative refractory periods
Action Potential - video
Action Potential - animation
AP propagation 1
Nerve impulse propagation - video
Saltatory Conduction
Node of Ranvier 1
Glia 1
Glial Cell Functions
Various types of nerve 1
Nerve stimulation and recording
CAP (Compound Action Potential)
Nerve conduction velocity
Different Nerves serving different functions
Basic mechanisms of neuronal trafficking - Video
Axonal Transport Video 01
Axonal Transport - video02

Information flow
Channel types on a neuron
Ligand-gated Ion Channel 1
Voltage-gated ion channel
g-protein coupled receptors
Enzyme-linked receptors
Neuromuscular junction 1
Neuromuscular junction in action - video
Neuron 3D - video
Synaptic processing
Vesicle loading, docking and exocytosis
Ca channel involvement
TTX - Na channel blocking vs. PSP
Neural synapse EPSP IPSP - video
Glutamatergic Spiny and Gabaergic Non-spiny neurons
Neurons - double recording (AP & synaptic potential)
Neurotransmition through two types ion channels
Metabotrophic ion channel
Activation of a Neuron - video
Gap junction (Electrical Synapse) 1
Neural synapse - video
Synaptic integration... Video
Presynaptic inhbition & faciliation 1
Synapse types
Synapse EM image
Spatial summation and pre post synaptic inhibition 1
Synaptic summation - video
Inhibitory neurons
Neuromuscular junction
ACh Voltage Gated and Ligang Gated Ion Channel
Removal of Neurotransmitters
Fate of NT