Definition, Brain Area
Definition and Localization of Integrative Functions
Role of Encephalization in Higher Brain Functions
Increased brainsize over time for the hominids
Human encephalization to that of other apes
Continuation of the human fetal neural growth rate past birth
Brain Development and Function
How a child's brain develops through early experiences
How Does a Child's Brain Develop?
Cellular and Molecular Features of Human Brain Expansion and Evolution
IQ & Intelligent Celebrities
Association Areas of Cerebral Cortex
Large parts of three lobes are Association Cortex

Distingushing Feature of Association Cortex

Hirerachy in Processing Visual Inputs
What do you see?
Synaesthesia in phantom limbs induced with mirrors
Association cortex has three major divisions
Understanding the Function of Cerebral Cortex is based on

Parietal Association Cortex: Function & Deficits
Alexia & agraphia
Difference between Dyslexia and Alexia
Lesions of Parietal Lobe: Attention Deficit
Damage to Right side of the Inferior Parietal Lobe
Recording of Neuronal Activity from awake freely behaving animal
Activation of neuron in Parietal cortex during attention to visual stimulus
Experimental Results

Lesion of Temporal Lobe: Deficit of Recognition
Face Cells in Temporal Cortex

Frontal Cortex Lesions: personality, social behavior, planning
HUMOR, right frontal lobe
Frontal lobe function
Math brain
What is frontotemporal dementia? - Alzheimer's Society
Prefrontal Cortex; Headquarters of Humanity
Schizophrenia PET Scan
Schizophrenia: Summary of Presentations
Biological basis of schizophrenia | Behavior | MCAT | Khan Academy
Scans Link 2 Key Pieces of Schizophrenia Puzzle
Bipolar disorder (depression & mania) - causes, symptoms, treatment & pathology
Card sorting test of Frontal Lobe Function
Brain on Innovation
Delayed Response Task
Monkey must do
Activity of a neuron in Prefrontal cortex

When Scientists Compared Our Brain with a Supercomputer!
Nano-Biological Computing - Quantum Computer Alternative
Next Generation of Biologically Inspired Artificial Intelligence | Tara Karimi | TEDxRiceU
Nanoelectronics: Highly Efficient Structures for Tomorrow's Information Technology
Can we build an artificial brain?
Hacking the Brain: The Future of Prosthetics
Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever - CRISPR
Brain Machine Interfaces: from basic science to neuroprostheses and neurological recovery
The World's First Human Brain-to-Brain Interface