Difference between Dyslexia and Alexia

What is Dyslexia

Brain is a blessing if use it properly but some people remains un-blessed full till their death. It is a congenital disturbance. Dyslexia is a kind of disturbances in the process of reading, in short we can say that the ability of reading gets disturbed.

What is Alexia

On the other hand, alexia is a disorder in which the reading ability is absent and it’s permanent. It is a neurological injury in the temporal and partial lobe. The patient is unable to read anything because the reading ability is not with him. In short it is an acquired disorder.

Dyslexia vs Alexia

What are the characteristics of these people and what is being observed? When it comes to the victim of dyslexia people here are the following problem they face:

* Mostly feel difficult in reading the printed letters

* Mostly, they reverse the words in which their mind perceive differently for example, they can utter ‘pot’ instead of top.

* While reading, they may omit alphabets and other words.

* One of the important aspect is that they many omit vowels and pronounce it differently.

* Difficulty in memorizing the spellings, even the names of other objects.

On the other, the children having reading disorders have certain problems, which are as follows:

* Delays in the reading

* Too much difficulty in reading

* Force reading as the ability to read is not with them

* Problems in understanding what’s written

* Problems in perceiving the spellings, language and the lexis.

* Low intelligence

* Disorder of written expression