Inputs and outputs of the cerebellum

3 main inputs, 3 main outputs from 3 deep nuclei. They are:

peduncles, or "stalks". There are 3 pairs: the inferior, middle, and superior peduncles.

3 inputs are: 1) Mossy fibers from the spinocerebellar pathways, 2) climbing fibers from the inferior olive, and 3) more mossy fibers from the pons, which are carrying information from cerebral cortex.

The mossy fibers from the spinal cord have come up ipsilaterally.

The fibers coming down from cerebral cortex, however, DO need to cross.

The 3 deep nuclei are the fastigial, interposed, and dentate nuclei. The fastigial nucleus: balance, and sends information mainly to vestibular and reticular nuclei.

The dentate and interposed nuclei: voluntary movement, and send axons mainly to thalamus and the red nucleus.