The Basal Ganglia
Organization of Motor System
Balance between Basal Ganglia and Cerebellum
Basal Ganglia Lesions
Movement signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy
Features of Parkinson's Disease
Basal Ganglia Components
Inputs to Striatum
Basal Ganglia Outputs
Basal Ganglia Neural Circuits

Direct/Indirect Pathways and Willed movement
Direct Pathway
Direct Pathway through Basal Ganglia
Indirect Pathway through Basal Ganglia
Basal Ganglia Circuits: Caudate, Putamen Outputs
Parkinson's Disease & Basal Ganglia
PD, cause, symptom, treatment
PET Images of Parkinson's Disease Treatment
Destruction of GPi for PD treatment
DBS - overview
Deep Brain Stimulation Gave Me My Life Back
Khan Academy - Managing Parkinson's Disease with Surgery
Huntington's Disease
The Cause of HD

Disorders of the basal ganglia
The Basal Ganglia - Direct and Indirect Pathways
Basal ganglia, Parkinson, Huntington, and Hemibalismus - USMLE Step 1 - USMLE Ace