What to study

Guide for 4th Exam. on July 4, 2020

Tasks you need to do

1. Self-study to cover 3 topics
(somatosensation, motor nervous system & cns integrative functions)

2. Take online Examination for Somatosensory System
(Use Internet Explore or MS Edge for Exam)

3. Write an essay (about A4 2~3 pages) on the following topic
"Pandemic이 일상이 된 untact 시대의 혁신적 의료 신기술
(환자와 의사의 안전을 보장하는 다양한 질병, 질환의 예방,
검사 (sensing), 진단 (central integration), 치료 (output)의 신기술)"
and mail to me ( shcbrain@hanmail.net ) till 5pm, June 30.

3 topics: Sensory Input, Motor Output & Central Processing

Spinal Cord

Motor Nervous System
Basal ganglia . Cerebellum

Integration . Language
Learning & Memory . Sleep

Previous Tests

Lecture room
Who am I? . Who are you?

Nuron & Nerve - June 8 & 9 Class